For summer 2018 Cinque Terre Summer School offers five scholarships through the Italian cultural institutes and the committees of Dante Alighieri Society.

The grants, available only for the students of the institutes and committees, cover the 100% (two grants) and 50% (three grants) of the enrolment fee for the August edition of the summer school and are applicable on all the prices (full, under 35, students & teachers).

Students have to apply within 30th June 2018 only through the Italian cultural institutes (or the cultural office of embassies and consulates) and the committees of Dante Alighieri, which will communicate their names to our secretariat. At the same time students have to fill-out the pre-enrolment form on our website.


In addition to the scholarspis, Cinque Terre Summer School offers a students & teachers discounted fee for attending the three weeks of summer school. The weekly rate – already lowered on the basis of the longer duration compared to the one of the language courses  – will be further reduced by a third.

The discounted fee is restricted to university students of any level and foreign Italian teachers. To obtain the discount students and teachers must provide evidence of their own condition through appropriate documents.